Friday, July 21, 2017

Term 3

Here are some of our pirate ship drawings. We used our rulers and measured carefully to do these.

Discovery Time in week 2 was SO MUCH FUN!

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Term 2

Our whole language unit this term was 
After a few weeks of writing and maths based around this book, it was only fitting that we ended the unit by... making and icing gingerbread men! 
We needed m&m's for our gingerbread men's eyes and buttons. But how could we work out how many we needed?
None of our first estimates were anywhere near what we counted. Once we saw what a pile of 100 m&m's looked like we changed our estimates. 
Can you believe there was 390 m&ms in a family bag. We discovered we could easily decorate 2 gingerbread men each and still have left over m&m's!

All year the kids have been giving me lots of beautiful art for behind my desk. LOTS of the artwork had koru on them. That gave me an idea to do this art. I have done it before with the older children. I am SO impressed with how art smart the kids in room 10 are. 

We LOVED learning about how we can stay healthy.
Harold and Tim were fantastic teachers and having a bus for a classroom was really cool.

We were stars at the Folk Dance afternoon! 

This term we have had 4 fun hockey lessons with Nitin from Hockey Manawatu.

Come in and have a read of our Autumn writing!

We estimated how many blocks would fit on our leaves. Then we found out. Some of us were pretty close!
We learn so many things using our Poly Plugs
We are People Smart in Room 10 and help each other with our learning

We had lots of fun playing on the playground!